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Magic CD

MagicCDThis is a collection of software that I use to diagnose and solve most computer problems. Everything listed is freeware. Use at your own risk.  If you have suggestions of software that should be included in this list, let me know by using the contact form. More Info

Magic Image Rotation

Magic Image Rotation JavascriptThis is a very simple javascript banner or image rotation script. This script functions much like a photo slideshow, but has the added feature of allowing each image, photo, ad or banner to have unique links and titles associated with them. All this is done without the need for annoying page refreshes. More Info

Top FTP Client Sofware Reviewed

Top FTP SoftwareThere are many FTP programs to choose from. Here are a few I reviewed when searching for the right one for me. Filezilla is an excellent choice and very popular. CoffeeCup FTP is a very simple to use client if you want to take a straight forward no frills, it just works approach. Of the stand alone FTP clients that I tested, AceFTP seemed to be the best of the bunch, however I decided on FireFTP. This was an easy decision to make, If you already use Firefox, and you should be, FireFTP installs as an extension and works within the framework of Firefox. There is no reason to look any further than FireFTP.

See full article for a feature list and download link for each title.

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