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Magic Image Rotation

This is a very simple javascript banner or image rotation script. This script functions much like a photo slideshow, but has the added feature of allowing each image, photo, ad or banner to have unique links and titles associated with them. All this is done without the need for annoying page refreshes.

By request a custom version is available. Magic Image Random start at a random location so the first image, in theory, should always be different.

Both are free downloads. Enjoy.

Magic In Action

Change Log


Initial Release
Thanks Chad M.


Increased initial delay in the Quickstart function from 0 to 1000.
On some pages the script would load before the div tag was available
causing the error 'document.getElementByID' is null or not an object
Thanks Bill P.

The term banner was removed from the script. A client using ad blocking
software reported that the script was being automatically blocked.
Apparently the term banner was triggering the false alarm.
Thanks David E.


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